Weibull Analysis

Learn how to analyze reliability data using ReliaSoft Weibull++

Course overview - 3 days (onsite only)

Weibull Analysis provides the foundational knowledge for all aspects of reliability engineering education. The fundamental teachings of this course are an important component of an effective, comprehensive reliability program, ensuring that reliability professionals are proficient in the concepts of reliability engineering mathematics and basic reliability data analysis.

Software used

This course will help you understand how life data analysis methodologies can be applied using ReliaSoft Weibull++ with practical hands-on exercises and case study examples.
Learning objectives

  • Apply statistical tools to characterize the reliability of an item that includes an understanding of potential failure mode effects on the data
  • Analyze the reliability performance of any item to make predictions about its life cycle performance and the potential impact to the business
  • Evaluate and compare suppliers and designs based on reliability metrics
  • Define meaningful reliability requirements and demonstrate if an item meets those requirements or use environment
  • Use reliability data to effectively communicate performance estimates to the engineering team and management

Topics included

  • Reliability statistical concepts
  • Reliability data types
  • Reliability metrics
  • Weibull and life distribution analysis
  • Degradation analysis 

Who should attend

The Weibull Analysis course is for managers, engineers and technicians who need to understand the concepts of reliability engineering and need to develop their skills in reliability life data analysis for product and equipment failures, usage and test results.