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Prenscia Academy Online provides the flexibility for learning reliability, durability and fatigue engineering concepts anywhere with internet access. Our comprehensive courses are delivered by Prenscia application engineers who provide real-time instruction in a virtual meeting environment and address questions interactively by audio or direct messaging to ensure all attendees receive live support.

The Prenscia Academy Online courses featuring nCode and ReliaSoft are delivered over a series of 3-hour sessions. Private online courses are also available, please contact us for details. 

John Deere

This was a great course to ask general questions about the software and get a good feel of the resources that are available.

MS, John Deere

This was very well run. The training materials are thorough and everything was well explained.

CM, Medtronic

Great course I would have loved attending into 18 months ago when I started using ReliaSoft suite...It was very clear, lot of examples.

AP & LP, Markem-Imaje Industries

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  • You can only add courses of one currency at a time. To check out or modify your basket, use the links below.
  • Courses in India do not support online registration. To view and register for upcoming courses in India, please click the India button below to open a separate registration form.
  • All nCode courses in France are taught in French, and all nCode courses in Germany are taught in German; all other nCode courses are taught in English. All ReliaSoft courses are taught in English, regardless of their location.