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nCode DesignLife: Fatigue Analysis of Welded Structures (Online)

Learn how to predict the fatigue life of welded structures using nCode DesignLife with online instructor-led training!

Course overview - 2 days @ 3-hour online sessions per day

Welding is a commonly used and effective method of joining materials such as metals.  However, the nature of the welding process means that the welds generally have a fatigue strength that is inferior to the parent metal. This instructor-led online course investigates fatigue life prediction methods specific to welded structures.

nCode DesignLife: Fatigue Analysis of Welded Structures builds upon our introductory course, nCode DesignLife: Fatigue Analysis using FEA Results.  It provides an in-depth view of weld fatigue prediction, including analysis methods for spot and seam welds. An emphasis is placed on hands-on comparisons of different weld fatigue analysis techniques so you’ll learn best engineering practices while gaining software proficiency.

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Learning objectives

  • Import geometry and stresses into DesignLife from all major finite element (FE) software like ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, LS-Dyna, Altair OptiStruct, etc.
  • Recognize the role of welding in fatigue
  • Compare and contrast methods for fatigue life prediction methods for welds
  • Create analysis processes for spot and seam welds

Topics included

  • Introduction to fatigue of welds
  • Analysis approaches for weld fatigue life prediction
  • Structural stresses from FEA modelling
  • Spot weld method
  • Standards-based weld classification methods
  • Volvo seam weld method
  • WholeLife seam weld method for total life prediction
  • Tips and tricks for software proficiency

Who should attend

This advanced course is aimed at engineers who have completed nCode DesignLife: Fatigue Analysis using FEA Results and would like to take a more in-depth look into predicting fatigue life on products that are welded. It is assumed that attendees have familiarity with FE modeling practices and general structural analysis concepts. 


Prenscia Academy Online courses require the use of a computer with a licensed nCode software installation. All registrants will receive a temporary nCode software license to fulfill this requirement.

Instructors will use a webcam for visibility. Attendee use of webcam is optional, however audio/microphone devices are necessary.

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