Accelerated Life Testing Analysis

Learn ALT models, analysis and test design using ReliaSoft ALTA

Required prerequisite course - Fundamentals of Reliability

Course overview - 3 days

Accelerated Life Testing Analysis covers the benefits, limitations, theory and procedure behind several proven accelerated test analysis methods. It explores advanced concepts and applications for quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis, including tests with multiple stresses, categorical stresses or time-dependent stresses. This builds on the life data analysis concepts covered in Fundamentals of Reliability.

Software used

This course teaches attendees how quantitative accelerated life test data can be analyzed to make reliability predictions with ReliaSoft ALTA via hands-on examples and case studies.
Learning objectives

  • Understand the theory and practice of projecting life data models at high stress to use stress levels
  • Identify when and how to use different life-stress relationships
  • Calculate acceleration factors and compare reliability metrics between populations at different stress levels
  • Apply statistical tools for developing effective accelerated test designs and verifying the validity of calculated results
  • Make reliability estimates based on accelerated life test results using reliability statistics, plots and confidence intervals
Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis
SMRP Approved Provider

Topics included

  • Life-stress relationships for different failure phenomena
  • Single, multiple and time-varying stress calculations
  • Categorical stress analysis and comparison
  • Accelerated degradation analysis
  • Accelerated life test planning
  • Stress modeling validation

Who should attend

The Accelerated Life Testing Analysis course is for engineers and technicians who are familiar with life data analysis and need to expand those concepts to accelerated test design and data analysis using ALTA.

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Have you taken the required prerequisite course?

Before you register for Accelerated Life Testing Analysis, please ensure you have taken Fundamentals of Reliability, which is a required prequisite.