Reliability and durability training classes

HBM Prenscia recognizes the value of training to getting the most out of your software investment.  The materials for our training courses have been developed by our experts that have extensive experience in the fields of reliability, durability, and fatigue.  Our courses will provide you with the theory and methods needed to understand the topics.  They are filled with practical hands-on examples and exercises to help you apply that knowledge and develop the skills needed for transforming your data into decisions.

Training options


Online training

Prenscia Academy Online provides the flexibility for learning reliability, durability and fatigue engineering concepts in a virtual learning environment anywhere with internet access. Courses are delivered by two Prenscia application engineers who provide real-time instruction and address questions through video, audio, screen share or messaging.


Public training

Our public courses are offered throughout the year at global locations to make access to the sessions as convenient and affordable as possible.

Whether you are just starting out, or if you are an experienced practitioner, we offer courses that will address your needs.  Courses are designed so that our instructors will have time to address your individual questions and ensure that you will have a rewarding learning experience.


On-site training

If your organization has a need to train multiple individuals, then on-site training will provide a convenient and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.  On-site training can be single events focused on one course, or can be configured in a learning track to help your team learn and apply the methods and tools of reliability or durability for the fastest and most efficient implementation of your program.