Our solutions for asset management help clients optimize the life cycle of assets by delivering better data insights that empower smarter planning, design, and operational decision making.
We support plant and fleet operators exploring holistic approaches by presenting fully integrated approaches that address not only the assets themselves, but also supporting resources, business processes, data, and smart technologies. Our solutions help asset operators increase the value of existing assets, maximize process and equipment availability while reducing cost, improving operational efficiencies, and ensuring safety.

Deeper Knowledge

Based on decades of leadership in asset performance, reliability, and safety analysis, we will help your team understand your asset’s health and operational usage and jointly develop the foundations for reliability improvements and maintenance programs.

Superior Insight

Your data can provide even more information through data preparation, the integration of multiple data sets, and advanced analytical capabilities. This can be augmented further using machine learning to expose relationships and provide higher levels of confidence often required to support key decisions.

Assurance Delivered

Through collaboration, we will work with your teams to plan and manage projects, connect your IT/OT infrastructure and embed analytics to develop key metrics needed to support decision making across all levels of your organization.

Services and Solutions for Asset Management Include:

Assurance in Reliability and Durability Engineering

We work in partnership with customers to plan and manage programs, apply FMEA processes, FRACAS and root cause analysis, create maintenance plans and implement Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), perform functional hazard analysis, and the management of risks.

Our systems for certification and verification address growing demand for enhanced understanding of reliability and safety, and the management of risks.

Better Insights into Asset Health

By integrating IT/OT systems with failure reporting, we deliver solutions for improved planning and scheduling, reducing costs, improving safety, and managing risk.

Better data insights and advanced analysis enable clients to manage issues, reduce failures, identify problems, implement and track problem resolution processes, assign resolution tasks to vendors, record results, calculate and track reliability KPIs, and perform Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

Our recent technology partnership with OSIsoft extends our Asset Performance Management solutions beyond the existing EAM/CMMS integrations by incorporating operational data to deliver you better insights. Learn more about our technology partnership with OSIsoft.

Maximize Fixed Asset and Mobile Fleet Performance

Our flexible, insightful solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of processes and equipment enables us to work with a range of clients to identify opportunities that drive robust designs, accelerate implementation of improvements, increase availability of equipment, improve safety, and increase yield. Services include:

  • Reliability and maintainability analysis, and predictive analytics
  • Condition monitoring services for equipment
  • Asset health metrics and reporting
  • Optimization and planning of operations and maintenance strategies

Discover the Benefits of Collaborating with Our Solutions Team

Deeper Knowledge Reduced Maintenance and Operational Costs for Oil & Gas Production

Assurance Delivered for Oil Rig Safety and Reliability of Well Control Equipment

Superior Insights Improve Availability, Safety and Compliance for Rail
Superior Insights Improve Availability and Reduce Costs for Truck Fleets

Efficient Predictive Maintenance for Operations through Deeper Knowledge

Increasing Annual Yield for Mining Operations through Superior Insights

Make better, faster, and more efficiently with data driven decisions