Introduction to Materials Characterization and Testing

Learn materials engineering to achieve final designs faster

Course overview - 2 days

Materials Engineering is changing rapidly as established materials are being replaced by new materials and processes to reduce both weight and cost. The effect of these changes on design issues, such as fatigue resistance, is a concern as it is not easy to verify performance claims without background materials knowledge.

This training course will introduce materials engineering to new design engineers, and it offers a refresher course for senior engineers interested in improving established materials and using new ones.

Learning objectives

  • How and why to select one material in preference to another
  • Achieve final design faster and with greater confidence
  • Information on sources, stimulation of thought, destruction of preconceptions

Who should attend

The course is aimed at engineers involved in design, procurement (specification) and future product development. It is assumed that attendees are familiar with basic (pre-University) Physics and Chemistry concepts.