ARDC offers highly creative ways to learn and connect

The Applied Reliability and Durability Conference welcomed over 600 reliability and durability professionals in 2017. Building upon a successful 13 year run of ARS, the ARDC provides an open and independent forum for professionals, academics and even commercial entities to engage in a collaborative and informative networking and learning event. At ARDC, attendees can expect to arrive with specific challenges, leave with tailored solutions as well as permanent connections and collaborations. That core essence remains untouched and strong, giving a much wider scope in the world of robustness where all aspects of design, manufacture, process and maintenance are covered.

As the ReliaSoft Brand Manager at HBM Prenscia - Eliza Mettas, has been involved with supporting and sponsoring the Applied Reliability and Durability Conference for the last 10 years: “I have attended almost every event. As an attendee you will experience 3 days of interactive learning combined with high valued knowledge. There are numerous presentation on different days and always something to learn, regardless of your professional experience.”


Keynote Speakers, Discussion Panels and Learning Sessions

ARDC continues to focus on the attendees and its community members.

The 2018 Conference program includes keynote speakers, discussion panels and variety of learning sessions covering subjects across reliability, durability, asset management, maintenance, test optimization, predictive analytics and more.

User generated content and applied experiences are something that are crucial to ARDC’s appeal and success. ARDC is really just a facilitator of connections, collaboration and peer to peer discussion. Where possible, we try to make sure that direction and ultimately decision is either made or led by the attendees and community members.” – EM.

New for 2018

New interactive workshops are added to the 2018 agenda. “For ARDC to evolve with the modern world, travel logistics, pressure on time and expense it was really important that we listened to our attendees by creating a more immersive and interactive experience.” – EM 

To enhance and create high value experience, attendees are given greater choice and the ability to customise their participation. Other highlights include interactive polling during “ask the audience” sessions as well as some new and exciting social activities such as “smart networking” that we have planned to make sure your event attendance is as effective and enjoyable as possible.

“Attendees can look forward to experiencing an engaging and immersive ARDC in 2018. This year’s event gives you a chance to go beyond simply attending and delivers the opportunity to get involved as an active, connected and contributing member of the ARDC community.” – EM 


ARDC Connect and 2018 Registration Available

For those who are unable to attend ARDC 2018, you can still access the conference proceedings and benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by speakers at the ARDC live events (and previous ARS) The new digital portal, ARDC Connect, includes a comprehensive archive of presentations and educational collaterals since 2004 – a resource exclusively available for ARDC Community members.

“Further to our increased engagement at live events, we felt that it was really important to offer a more continuous and fresh appeal to the ARDC community members. As a result we created ARDC Connect to deliver fresh content throughout the year, keep discussions and connections active all year round and widen collaboration between peers and professionals over this unique digital platform. Offered through paid subscription (complimentary for ARDC Live attendees), people who have never experienced an ARDC Live event can also leverage the benefits of making global connections and access the user generated content featured within the ARDC Connect platform.” – EM. To learn, connect and be part of our new community, visit ARDC Connect.




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