OSIsoft Partnership with Prenscia Solutions Showcased at PI World - 2018 Barcelona Users Conference

Earlier this year, the Prenscia Solutions team announced a technology partnership with OSIsoft and exciting potential new integrations with the OSIsoft PI Software System. These actions centered around combining our expertise in reliability and durability with their premier data infrastructure for operations provided by the PI Software System to offer Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that go beyond basic data analysis and logistics to deliver high added operational value in today’s demanding environments experienced by asset and equipment.

In late September, the Prenscia Solutions team participated in the PI World - 2018 Barcelona Users Conference to demonstrate new integrations with the PI System. The OSIsoft event connected over 1,500 professionals ranging from end-users, developers and data scientists to operations managers and executives.

Our team had the opportunity to obtain valuable insight into the problems that all levels of businesses face when they operate and maintain assets; regardless of industry and whether assets are fixed or operational fleets. The Prenscia Solutions team is already working to extend our Asset Performance Management offerings based on conversations with operators in Oil and Gas, Mining, Defense, Energy, and Transportation and has successfully engaged with a number of customers.

Whilst our subject matter expertise applies in multiple industries, the team chose to showcase the power of our system by instrumenting a custom model wind turbine built with 3D-printed parts that were purposefully defective and exhibited various failure modes. The wind turbine was instrumented with the QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ) from HBM.

Prenscia Solutions' demo system at PI World features wind turbine model built using 3D-printed parts and instrumented with HBM's QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ).

The wind turbine demonstration combined the data infrastructure of the PI System with industry-leading modeling and analysis capabilities from our nCode and ReliaSoft brand software. The demonstration used methods based on physics of failure, signal analysis, and reliability modeling to identify critical parts and highlight the Remaining Useful Life of key parts. While the models and techniques used were complex, the APM demonstration delivered clear actionable information for all levels of management. A live dashboard, built on PI Vision, featured custom visualizations to call attention to critical parts of the wind turbine and deliver actionable information at a glance.

While the demonstration is a straightforward example, our solutions can scale with the size of customer’s operations and be customized based on business objectives to deliver actionable insights into operational usage that will improve availability and allow smarter planning and operational / maintenance decision making. A deployment of such a solution is currently underway with a vehicle fleet operator; where thousands of vehicles are being monitored and now being scaled to tens of thousands vehicles.  A “proof of concept” is also currently in progress with a leading Mining Operator for a section of an open pit mine.

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