HBM Prenscia recognized by SMRP as Approved Provider of training and education programs

Tucson, AZ, July 9, 2018 - HBM Prenscia is pleased to announce that it has been officially recognized by SMRP as an Approved Provider of training and education programs. We are extremely proud to continue to uphold the standards in technical and theoretical excellence through education in association with our partners at SMRP.


Kurt Munson, manager of applications engineering stated “I’m excited to enter this training partnership with SMRP as it recognizes our commitment to promoting excellence in the fields of reliability, maintainability, and asset management.” Munson, an advocate for training and continuing education, continued “HBM Prenscia’s training program provides maintenance and reliability practitioners with excellent opportunities to learn best practices and grow professionally.”

The Approved Provider Education Program recognizes training and continuing education that align with the most relevant topics and best practices in the maintenance, reliability, and physical asset management professions according to the SMRP Body of Knowledge (BoK) and/or the Asset Management Landscape, which is published by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). The SMRP Approved Provider program serves as a resource for practitioners looking for education opportunities that are verified by a qualified third party. For companies recognized as the Approved Providers, the program offers validation and recognition of their training and educational courses. Select courses offered by HBM Prenscia have been recognized at the highest level (Tier 5).

HBM Prenscia offers a broad range of education programs designed to support engineers throughout their professional development — from foundational knowledge through mastering advanced theory and its real world application. These courses deliver compelling knowledge to its attendees for the design and development of reliable, robust products and systems, and techniques for reducing life cycle costs.

Four educational tracks are offered to support attendees throughout their reliability and durability career progression:

  • Foundation Courses offer a roadmap of industry best practices that can be used to map the developmental journey that meets organizational needs and objectives.
  • Product Development Courses focus on engineers involved in product development as they face more complex design challenges, increased competition, and shorter deadlines.
  • Asset Management Courses deliver deeper insights on how to optimize maintenance and asset management strategies. These methods and techniques support the ISO 55000 standard for Asset Management.
  • Risk and Safety Courses emphasize on the implementation of risk discovery and management methods, as well as software tools that can be applied to product development, asset management, production, and transactional business processes. These methods and techniques support ISO 31000 standard for Risk Management.

“We are thrilled to be part of the SMRP program. It has been always our priority to help customers apply their knowledge and develop the skills needed for effectively transforming their data into decisions.” said Eliza Mettas, Brand Manager – HBM Prenscia. Mettas Continued “With the SMRP recognition our customers can feel confident they are receiving quality education in areas of reliability, durability and fatigue.”

To learn more about the SMRP Approved Education Courses available through HBM Prenscia, visit https://www.hbmprenscia.com/training.




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