nCode Releases Next-Generation of Engineering Software

TUCSON, AZ (March 2, 2017)HBM Prenscia announces today the release of Aqira, a highly anticipated software application that enables both test and CAE simulation processes to be streamlined over the web.

“We’re excited to announce the release of this brand new product which takes nCode software to another level in usability and scalability,” said Jon Aldred, VP of Product Management. “With benefits for engineers and IT managers, Aqira delivers an integrated engineering solution for all levels of users across physical test and virtual simulation departments globally.

Aqira enables engineers to run any configuration of nCode software for engineering tasks from processing measured data to performing fatigue life prediction or acoustics and vibration analysis. Within Aqira, analysis processes can be managed and shared via a web portal, eliminating the need for local software installation. Additionally, Aqira utilizes a time-zone based usage model for license tokens, providing a more cost effective approach for global software usage.

“Challenges facing engineers are ever-increasing, and all the while, engineers need to ensure the right product durability with even greater reliability,” said Aldred. “To meet these challenges, HBM Prenscia delivers Aqira, a next-generation solution that allows engineers to gain faster results and more collaboration.”





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