Unparalleled software access to efficiently transform data into decisions

Prenscia Access is a unified, token-based licensing model that provides annual leased access to any combination of nCode and ReliaSoft products.

When launched, each application draws a specified number of Prenscia Access tokens from your organization's shared cache; upon closing the product, the tokens are released back to the organization's shared cache for other users to access. 

  • Upgrade your organization's toolkit: Prenscia Access allows any number of users to run any configuration of product options — limited only by available tokens.
  • Save money across the enterprise: Utilize any combination of nCode or ReliaSoft products at a fraction of the cost of issuing individual licenses.
  • Unite your engineering processes: Streamline test and CAE durability processes using nCode or leverage data from all reliability activities with ReliaSoft.
  • Keep every user's software up-to-date: All version upgrades and new software releases are included with the Prenscia Access license.