HBM Prenscia is an OSIsoft Technology Partner

As part of the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere, HBM Prenscia extends its engineering solutions for Asset Performance Management. By integrating nCode and ReliaSoft technologies together with the PI System, we deliver innovative solutions for modeling asset health, performance, and Remaining Useful Life of equipment. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to:

  • Utilize nCode technology for advanced, interactive analytics of PI System data to provide detailed signals insight, asset performance modeling, and predictive analytics
  • Apply ReliaSoft products to automate incident report generation for events triggered by the PI Asset Framework; provide context and reliability analytics such as Weibull Reliability Growth and RAM Analysis while adding the ability to perform Root Cause Analysis; track Corrective Actions; and, perform RCM and maintenance optimization.

Learn more by watching our recorded presentation, “Integrating PI System into a Reliability Program for Industrial Applications


Advanced Analytics partnered with Premier Infrastructure

By partnering with OSIsoft and integrating with the PI System, our solutions can connect with every part of your operations, and scale with your business.

  • Work with your existing PI system data
  • Apply our interactive and customizable analysis tools
  • Improve the quality and value of your data by providing context to PI Event Frames
  • Model reliability using our proven technology
  • Add analytics and context to PI Event Frames
  • Trigger notifications, generate incident reports, facilitate problem resolution and Root Cause Analysis

Value delivered throughout the asset lifecycle

The resulting Asset Performance Management Solution delivers insights such as asset Remaining Useful Life (RUL), Time to Maintenance, and Current Health, which in turn are used to create maintenance plans and perform Risk Based Inspections to streamline planning, reduce maintenance time and individual asset downtime, cost-effectively plan for spares, and increase overall operational efficiency.

How it works

HBM Prenscia Solutions extends your PI System to create an Asset Performance Management Solution. Our PI Connector opens the entire suite of analysis methods available in our nCode GlyphWorks software, including signal processing, data cleansing, statistical methods, fatigue analysis; and in nCode VibeSys for acoustic and vibration analysis. Based on tag or event frame data from PI Server, our solution first cleans and detects/removes anomalies from sensor signals, then allows sophisticated models to be defined to analyze and monitor asset performance. The analyses can be scheduled or executed through PI Notifications, streaming results back into PI Server as new derived data tags or event frame attributes, and visualized through custom dashboards we have developed within PI Vision.

Based on analysis results, automatic incident reports are generated through ReliaSoft XFRACAS, and the entire ReliaSoft suite of tools can be used for incident tracking and follow up, root cause analysis and corrective actions, life data analysis and other quantitative reliability modeling methods, and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking.

Make better, faster, and more efficiently with data driven decisions with Prenscia Solutions