Blueprint Issue 5 | May 2019

Welcome to the fifth edition of Blueprint

This fifth edition of Blueprint features articles that introduces new capabilities for processing digitally streamed sensor data with nCodeDS technology and advanced simulation modeling with ReliaSoft BlockSim module, Process Flow. We review our experience at ARDC Live - Berlin and announce our global support of ARDC Live in both India and North America later this year. We also share the importance of understanding the risks of aircraft system safety and a practical example of tools required to reduce test time and cost while assessing failure mode behavior. The new Prenscia User Group Meeting (USA) experience is reviewed, and the highly anticipated Prenscia UGM (Paris) is announced.
Breakthrough in Streamed Data Analytics

Breakthrough in streamed data analytics

nCode delivers brand-new technology for processing large datasets of measured sensor data with nCodeDS (nCode Digital Streams). This ground-up development is a step-change in the processing of measured data, enabling you to gain actionable insights from streamed data analytics.
Durability Testing, Reliability, and Failure Mode Comparison

Durability testing, reliability, and failure mode comparison

Durability tests are an important part of product validation, but how can they be extended to proving reliability? This example explores how to create an equivalent damage test spec using nCode GlyphWorks software and then introduces reliability demonstration to this testing. New ways to compare test results with field failures using ReliaSoft Weibull++ software are also shared.

Maintenance optimization and simulation modelling with Process Flow

Maintenance optimization and simulation modeling with Process Flow

ReliaSoft delivers a new essential model-based tool for performance forecasting and modeling of your processes with Process Flow. This new BlockSim module enables the visual design and optimization of any technical processes such as chemical plants, Oil and Gas facilities, power stations, complex manufacturing operations and biological processes such as water treatment.
Connecting with Reliability and Durability Professionals at ARDC Live

Connecting with reliability and durability professionals at ARDC Live

The Applied Reliability and Durability Conference (ARDC Live) - Berlin welcomed more than 120 different organizations represented by over 180 attendees. As a global sponsor, experts from HBM Prenscia were invited to deliver presentations and workshops as well as host discussion panels. Through this combination, attendees could learn from real-world examples to take away innovative approaches that help meet operational goals.
 2019 User Group Meeting delivers interactive experience for attendees

Prenscia User Group Meeting delivers interactive experience for attendees

New this year, the 2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting welcomed both nCode and ReliaSoft users to experience a newly designed format that delivered greater engagement with experts and product managers, as well as hands-on usage of ReliaSoft and nCode products. Users are invited to present at the Prenscia UGM (Paris) this October.