OSIsoft partnership extends asset management solutions

The Prenscia Solutions team delivers engineering services and solutions by applying deeper knowledge and superior insights with a high degree of assurance, empowering our clients to make smarter decisions for their products, assets, plants, and processes. The Solutions team has been extending its offering by working with clients in Asset Management (AM) to deliver data-driven insights that enable smarter planning, design, and operational decision making.

As part of our initiative in Asset Management, Prenscia recently became an OSIsoft Partner and we’ve embedded reliability and durability analytics into the PI System to create powerful new capabilities. The PI System is a highly scalable, open data infrastructure that empowers enterprises in real time by transforming operational data into actionable knowledge that can lead to business transformation. By using the PI System, users can perform real-time analytics on very large time series data sets often found in Asset Management IT systems.

The Prenscia Solutions team demonstrated capabilities for reliability and durability analytics integrated into the PI System while attending the OSIsoft PI World Users Conference in San Francisco.  Feedback from PI World is providing insights valuable into understanding customer needs, shaping future products, and sparking innovation for Asset Management. The capabilities demonstrated included the use of nCode technology and tools to provide advanced, interactive analytics from PI System data, and the use of ReliaSoft technology and tools to automatically generate incident reports for events triggered by the PI Asset Framework, thus providing context, reliability analytics and ability to perform Root Cause Analysis. With these new foundational capabilities, the Asset Management community can now use data in their PI System to provide high value, actionable information for reliability management, predictive analytics, and Health and Usage Monitoring. Learn more by watching our recorded presentation, “Integrating PI System into a Reliability Program for Industrial Applications

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