Thanks for attending the workshop series: Developing Durable and Reliable Products

HBM Prenscia presented both concepts and best practices required to develop durable, reliable products. Explore the steps necessary to approach product design, development, analysis, and testing from the perspective of durability and reliability. Discover how nCode and ReliaSoft products can together help you save significant time and money in developing and validating new products. Case studies will also be shared to highlight practical applications of theory.

During the two-day free event, HBM Prenscia will cover the following topics:

Day 1 - Durability Event

  • Introduction to durability
  • Durability in the high-tech industry
    • Using DesignLife to analyse the Fatigue life of FE models and reduce expensive prototyping
    • Using GlyphWorks with your gathered prototype data to analyse the Fatigue life of your new products

Day 2 - Reliability Event

  • Introduction to reliability
  • Reliability in the high-tech industry
    • Using ReliaSoft to minimise field failures and warranty claims
    • Using ReliaSoft in your manufacturing process to maximise process line up time
  • Hands-on session with industry relevant examples