Prenscia User Group Meeting

November 17 - 18, 2020 | Novi, MI (USA) and Stuttgart (Germany)

Dive into practical examples with interactive workshops

Workshops are an exciting, interactive part of the Prenscia User Group Meeting (UGM), addressing engineering challenges with collective experience and hands-on software usage. In each workshop, engineers work together to address a provided engineering scenario and solve problems, while learning new skills that are directly applicable in industry. Attendees are split into teams, given an engineering challenge, and tasked with digging into the data, gaining valuable insight, and making actionable decisions to answer questions like: Does this part meet its reliability or durability spec? How can the design be improved? What is the root cause? Prenscia software will be used as a key enabler to help answer these questions.

nCode workshop #1: Determining the Root Cause of a Fatigue Failure

What service loading conditions lead to fatigue failure?  In this workshop, you’ll use measured time series data – strain, speed, GPS, video, etc. – to identify the factors that contribute to a durability failure.  You will answer questions like: what conditions drive fatigue damage accumulation, when do these conditions occur, where do they occur on the road, and what can the onboard video tell us?

ReliaSoft workshop #1: Improving Reliability Analysis by Including Degradation Modeling

Struggling to make reliability predictions with only a few failures?  Let’s think outside the binary world of failed/not failed.  This workshop will show the benefit of introducing degradation analysis into reliability calculations, providing additional insight and improving confidence in the results.


nCode workshop #2: Creating a Shaker Profile from Measured Vibration

Shaker table tests are an important way to validate product durability under vibration loading – but what’s the right vibration spec to run?  How can measured vibration data be used to create shaker specs that are representative of service vibration?  Workshop attendees will explore the critical link between vibration and fatigue to create shaker specs that are correlated to customer usage.

ReliaSoft workshop #2: System Reliability Simulation for Maintenance Planning and Optimization

Maintaining a complicated system can be expensive and time consuming.  How can we use reliability concepts to optimize the maintenance schedule to reduce cost and downtime?  In this workshop, attendees will use reliability concepts to analyze and improve a maintenance schedule.


nCode workshop #3: Predicting Fatigue Life under Vibration Loading

In this workshop, you’ll be tasked with predicting the fatigue life of a component that is subjected to vibration loading.  How can you use analytical stresses from FEA to predict the durability in both the welds and parent metal of this critical part? And what role does multiaxial loading play in durability?

ReliaSoft workshop #3: Planning and Analysis of Reliability Growth Tests

For many complex systems, identifying and characterizing every failure isn’t feasible, especially early in development. Because of this, a system-level reliability growth approach is often helpful in meeting and demonstrating product reliability targets. Attendees of this workshop will see how a developmental reliability growth test can bridge the gap from an unreliable early stage prototype to a mature, reliable product.


Joint nCode and ReliaSoft workshop: Using Measured Service Data to Improve Reliability Predictions

Product reliability is hugely dependent on use conditions, which in turn are heavily influenced by the customer.  It’s therefore crucial to understand the customer in order to ensure product reliability. This joint nCode and ReliaSoft workshop will explore how to measure service conditions, ensure its quality (and improve it if it’s suspect), incorporate this service data as a varying stress profile in reliability analysis – and ultimately improve reliability predictions.

Hands-on software use

To optimize your workshop experiences, hands-on use of Prenscia software is highly recommended. We encourage attendees either bring a laptop with Prenscia software installed on the device. Upon request, temporary licenses will be issued for nCode and ReliaSoft software one week prior to the User Group Meeting.

Venue information

Suburban Collection Showplace

46100 Grand River Ave,
Novi, MI 48374

Recommended hotel

Hyatt Place Novi at the Suburban Collection Showplace

46080 Grand River Ave,
Novi, MI 48374


While the Prenscia UGM is free to attend, we do request that you register in advance so that we can confirm accurate numbers with the venue. Please complete this form in order to confirm your attendance.

Registration closes Tuesday, November 10, 2020.