2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting

15-16 October | Paris (France)

Transforming data into decisions at the Prenscia UGM (Paris)

HBM Prenscia is proud to announce that the 2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting (UGM) will take place on 15-16th October at the Best Western Paris CDG. 

This highly anticipated two-day event will feature the successful application of nCode and ReliaSoft products through two dedicated tracks — complete with hands-on workshops, customer presentations, and product updates from Prenscia technical staff. 

An immersive, two-in-one experience: a co-located event for users of nCode and ReliaSoft software


Interactive experiences

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, collaborative group discussions, and explore new software features in our 'think tank' room.

Technology updates

HBM Prenscia will showcase the latest updates to both nCode and ReliaSoft products. New solutions for efficiently processing huge volumes of sensor data, test design, maintenance optimization, and life data and warranty analysis will be presented.


Seize the opportunity to network and learn from other nCode and ReliaSoft users. Share experiences, while expanding your personal network.

User-led presentations

The highlight of the user group meeting. The opportunity to listen to presentations by users representing innovative companies, best practices, and a broad range of applications.

Preliminary agenda: Workshops and presentations

We are pleased to offer a number of hands-on, interactive experiences through collaborative workshops at the UGM! Attendees will work together in small groups to overcome a provided challenge and will leave with real-world solutions to common engineering problems. 

Explore the sample agenda below and plan your attendance today!
Introducing nCodeDS: New Technology for Scalable, Streamed Data Analytics
9:20 - 10:45 AM
Presented by Frédéric Kihm, HBM Prenscia

Discover our newest technology for performing streamed data analytics through a live presentation and demonstration of nCodeDS released Q2 2019. Designed for scalable deployment within Aqira, it provides both the performance and ease of use necessary to gain actionable insights from high volumes of digital bus and connected vehicle data.
ReliaSoft Track
Predict the Life Time of a Universal Motor Based on Component Degradation Analysis

11:00 - 11:30 AM
Presented by Vanderlei Buzian, Electrolux AB

Is it possible to predict the lifetime of a universal motor, which is specified to last for 600 hours, after having already run 300 hours?

Companies these days need to know what they are designing for and which types of stresses their products are supposed to withstand - as early as possible during the project development. Early determination of these conditions can drastically reduce time and cost during the development process.

This presentation intends to describe the experience of monitoring the degradation of motor carbon brush during life testing. By analyzing the component status and the projected life data, it is possible to estimate the probability of premature failure - and reduce time and cost using degradation analysis.

Using Customer Usage Profile to Build Reliability Models
Workshop: Comparison of Test & Field Failure Data Using Weibull++
In-house Reliability Growth Testing Using RGA
Practical Applications with Weibull++ for Reliability and Customer Usage Studies
nCode Track
The Connected Vehicle, an Asset for Analyzing Occupant Behavior and Vehicle Use
11:00 - 11:30 AM
Presented by Jean-louis Sauvaget, PSA

Connected cars provide a huge opportunity for engineers to collect usage data on large fleets of vehicles. Over the last decade and up to now, the mission profile activity required a number of cars to be instrumented which were lent to customers driving on various public roads.

Recently, advances in technology have allowed an even lighter instrumentation and the transmission of more data through 4G networks. The data is essentially coming from the vehicle network (CAN, LIN, Ethernet) and contains a large set of parameters, including data from the ADAS.

Modern cars contain more and more ADAS and autonomous cars will soon appear on the public roads. A huge challenge is the validation of these modern cars in terms of security.

This presentation will be a follow up from last year's presentation, where nCode GlyphWorks was used as the data processing tool. Although very graphical, interactive and flexible, GlyphWorks is really designed for test & measurement data. This presentation will focus more on the use of the new nCodeDS tool from Prenscia, dedicated to high performance processing of data coming from connected vehicles.

Emphasis will be placed on the gains obtained using nCodeDS in terms of analysis speed, allowing more sophisticated analytics.
Advanced Data Science Using Big Data Collected From Fleets of Cars for the Prediction of In-Service Reliability
Workshop: Analysis of Drag Race Car Performance Data
Downhill or Cruising? Load Profile Derivation for eBike Components
Section Extraction from Proving Ground Record
Using ReliaSoft Desktop and Web Applications to Facilitate Analysis
3:40 - 4:10 PM
Presented by Sam Eisenberg, HBM Prenscia

Implementing ReliaSoft SEP together with other ReliaSoft applications provides convenient, mobile access to key reliability analysis results and helps to facilitate cooperation across different areas of expertise.
Workshop: Durability Testing, Reliability, and Failure Mode Comparison
Happy Hour
Aqira: Democratization and Application to CAE
9:05 - 9:35 AM
Presented by Jon Aldred, HBM Prenscia

Discover how Aqira enables easy to use engineering apps to be shared with less-expert users, with particular focus in this presentation on CAE applications using nCode DesignLife.
ReliaSoft Track
Improving Reliability through Warranty Analysis
9:40 - 10:10 AM
Presented by HBM Prenscia

This presentation will demonstrate the importance of the effective warranty data analysis, common challenges faced and what benefits ReliaSoft Weibull++ can bring to the table.
Reliability Evaluation of Transfer Grippers Using Degradation Analysis
Maintenance Optimization Tools in ReliaSoft BlockSim and RCM++
Reliability of Technical Solutions for a Nuclear Fusion Reactor
Workshop: Accelerated Life Testing Analysis Using ALTA
Current Situation of Automotive Electronics in a Changing Environment
Using ReliaSoft BlockSim to Calculate Traction Power Substation Availability
Workshop: System Reliability Analysis Using BlockSim
nCode Track
Predicting the Fatigue Life of Welds with WholeLife
9:40 - 10:10 AM
Presented by Paul Roberts, HBM Prenscia

WholeLife uses an integrated approach to model fatigue over the entire lifetime of the component – from crack initiation to crack growth – to give a more accurate determination of weld life. This presentation provides a brief overview of this new total-life approach which has been evaluated and validated by the SAE International Fatigue Design and Evaluation committee as part of a multi-year research project involving a team of industry-wide durability experts.
Deploying Standard Fatigue Analysis Processes According to FKM Guidelines
FEA-Test Comparison with Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) Analysis
Automotive Chassis Design Impact on Body Durability
Workshop: Fatigue Failures in Test & FE: Are We Speaking the Same Language?
Process of Data in AGCO Massey Ferguson
Fatigue Analysis for Lightweighting
Workshop: Material Selection & Fatigue Performance of a Wind Turbine