2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting

April 30 - May 1 | Novi, MI (USA)

Transforming data into decisions

HBM Prenscia is proud to present the 2019 Prenscia User Group Meeting, featuring its leading software brands, nCode and ReliaSoft. This two-day, user-centric event features two dedicated tracks of hands-on workshops and customer presentations that will empower users to address real-world durability and reliability engineering challenges with more confidence. In addition, the UGM will feature the first live demonstration of new nCode technology that delivers powerful analytics to convert digitally streamed engineering data into actionable information.

An immersive, two-in-one experience: a co-located event for users of nCode and ReliaSoft software


Interactive experiences

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, collaborative group discussions, and explore new software features in our 'think tank' room.

Technology updates

HBM Prenscia will showcase the latest updates to both nCode and ReliaSoft products. New solutions for efficiently processing huge volumes of sensor data, test design, maintenance optimization, and life data and warranty analysis will be presented.


Seize the opportunity to network and learn from other nCode and ReliaSoft users. Share experiences, while expanding your personal network.

User-led presentations

The highlight of the user group meeting. The opportunity to listen to presentations by users representing innovative companies, best practices, and a broad range of applications.

Preliminary agenda

The nCode track will showcase advanced technology for understanding product durability, analyzing measured data, and performing CAE-based fatigue analysis.

The preliminary agenda includes:

  • Launch of new nCode technology for powerful processing of digitally streamed data
  • Tips & tricks for using nCode GlyphWorks to process measured data and perform durability analysis
  • New capabilities in nCode DesignLife for CAE-based fatigue analysis, including advanced weld fatigue
  • New capabilities in nCode VibeSys for comparing measured vibration mode shapes with simulated results
  • Updates to Aqira for creating, sharing, and running engineering apps and analyses
  • Customer presentations from Ford Motor Company, Eaton Corporation, FCA, John Deere, Accuride, Harley-Davidson, Transportation Technology Center, Inc., and Navistar
The ReliaSoft track focuses on exploring programs for reliability, asset management, quality, safety, and maintainability.

The preliminary agenda includes:

  • Weibull++ for reliability test design and predicting performance during warranty period
  • BlockSim for system reliability, availability, and optimization for both repairable and non-repairable systems
  • ALTA for designing accelerated tests
  • XFMEA for types of FMEA and risk analysis
  • Reliability engineering modeling and analysis
  • Warranty analysis
  • Customer presentations from Aptiv, Medtronic, John Deere, and more

Hands-on workshops

New in 2019, the Prenscia User Group Meeting will include a number of collaborative workshop experiences. Attendees will work together in small groups to overcome a provided challenge and will leave with real-world solutions to common engineering problems.

Workshops are a hands-on, interactive, learning experience. Due to the in-depth nature of the workshops, it is highly recommended and encouraged that participants bring a laptop with nCode or ReliaSoft software installed and licensed.

Temporary licensing is available for attendees after registration has been completed. Please feel free to direct any questions to info@hbmprenscia.com with the subject line 'Prenscia UGM software license'.

nCode workshops

April 30
Workshop #1: Analysis of drag race car performance data
A instrumented drag car was raced at the drag strip with the goal of improving performance. In this workshop, you’ll navigate the complexities of real measured road load data to quantify vehicle performance and vibration characteristics using nCode GlyphWorks.
Workshop #2: Joint nCode and ReliaSoft Workshop: Durability testing, reliability, and failure mode comparison 
May 1
Workshop #1: Fatigue failures in test & FE: are we speaking the same language?
What happens when durability failures from the test lab don’t correlate with analytical life predictions? This workshop will highlight the need for effective communication when trying to answer this question: do failures correlate with predictions?
Workshop #2: Material selection & fatigue performance of a wind turbine

ReliaSoft workshops

April 30
Workshop #1: Comparison of test & field failure data using Weibull++
Comparing field failures to test data is important to validate testing methods and identify reliability problems early – but how can you accurately identify differences? Attendees of this workshop will learn to calculate reliability metrics using ReliaSoft Weibull++ for both test and field datasets, with a focus on comparison using plotting, reporting and calculation tools.
Workshop #2: Joint nCode and ReliaSoft Workshop: Durability testing, reliability, and failure mode comparison
May 1
Workshop #1: Accelerated life testing analysis using ALTA
With ever-faster product development cycles, companies are becoming more interested in accelerated life testing. Workshop attendees will use ReliaSoft ALTA to analyze accelerated test data and learn how experienced ALT practitioners can improve results by optimizing stress levels and sample allocation.
Workshop #2: System reliability analysis using BlockSim

Venue information

Suburban Collection Showplace

46100 Grand River Ave,
Novi, MI 48374


While the Prenscia UGM is free to attend, we do request that you register in advance so that we can confirm accurate numbers with the venue. Please complete this form in order to confirm your attendance.