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We are a multi-disciplinary team who deliver solutions and services that empower our clients to make smarter decisions in the areas of design, development, and test as well as asset management. We partner with clients to ensure success through value-driven solutions that support business decisions, maintenance, and manage risk of their products, assets, plants, and processes.

For over 30 years, we've developed and supported safe and reliable systems for our clients across multiple domains using major software applications, including nCode and ReliaSoft suites. Our deep knowledge in reliability and project management is backed with over 1,000,000 hours of consultancy work.

Deeper Knowledge

Success depends on understanding of how things work, why they fail, and when. We work with clients to combine their domain expertise with our knowledge in reliability, durability, and analytics to create deeper process and product knowledge.

Superior Insight

Better data and better analysis leads to superior decisions. We work with clients to improve understanding of their data and combine it with analytics to extract high-value, actionable information, and create powerful insights.

Assurance Delivered

Mission assurance relies on providing vital information when and where it’s needed. We connect with client systems to access business, engineering, and operational data; generate the information, key metrics, and artifacts required; and ensure it is delivered to their teams.

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Design, Development, and Test

Discover the benefits of seamless design, development and test solutions.

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Asset Management

Discover the benefits of monitoring and understanding assets to improve equipment, plant, and fleet performance.

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Make better, faster, and more efficiently with data driven decisions